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Since more than 10 years next to our loyal customers, our skills are expressed through projects in web & mobiles, printed communication medium and concepts at the intersection of real and virtual.

Swiss Stem Cell Network

Database of members. Geolocalisation and Google Cloud Platorm integration. Wordpress CMS.

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Swiss Stem Cell Network

oxSite Builder

Online subscriptions. APIs integration. Chatbot. Wordpress & WooCommerce.

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oxSite Builder


E-Commerce Responsive website development. Magento CMS.

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DistriConsult Gmbh

Responsive website development. News and media publications. Rebranding. Wordpress CMS.

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DistriConsult Gmbh

Cabinet Dentaire Laurent Schmitt

Responsive website development, one page scroll. Wordpress CMS

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Cabinet Dentaire Laurent Schmitt

« Let's get to work ! »


Based in Aigle and Lausanne (Switzerland), we are looking forward to meeting you in your offices and talk about your projects.

Head office:

Oxegena sàrl
Grand Muveran 21
CH-1860 Aigle
Tel.: +41 21 566 72 66
E-Mail: info@oxegena.ch

The free hotline for our hosting services is working 7 days on 7, through the email address support@oxegena.ch. Our blog is at your disposal to enjoy guidelines, tips and tricks: https://hosting.oxegena.ch/en/support

« Join our cloud »


Our hosting services, mutualised or tailor made, will answer all your needs: websites, email addresses with anti-spam solution, secured platform for file exchange, dedicated and managed solutions. Performance and security are the key guidelines that follow our engineers in the setup of our architectures.

For more information, we invite you to visit our dedicated platform for hosting services:


« Increase your sales »


Increase your income by promoting and selling services, memberships or products online! We realize tailor made solutions, interacting with your existing systems such as customer relationship management tools, payments management software and storage management platforms.

We reflect your identity across a stylised shop, with the objective to support all terminals: tablets, computers, mobiles phone, ipad, iphones, ...

Through its maturity and its amount of functionalities, our preferred E-Commerce platform is Magento. Based on an open-source engine, it's possible to connect it to many payments platform (such as Datatrans or Postefinance for Switzerland) allow a transparent integration to your enterprise.

Start your E-Commerce project in 2 phases:

1. Show your product or services online, without any buying functionality

2. Allow your customers to order online. We will guide you with a tailor made proposal giving you the opportunity to take the time to make your enterprise change to E-Commerce.

Don't wait, get in touch with us in order to speak of your needs. We are looking forward to meeting you in your offices.

« Rise and shine »


Express your identity through high impact visuals! Either with printed documents, presentations or visit cards, your image is the key to success.

We'll assist you in various types of projects:

1. Definition of a visual identity, through the creation of a logo, visual identity guidelines and templates.

2. Design of documents to be printed, by complete creation of the documents, through its validation with all stakeholders, until the delivery of the final deliverable by our partners.

3. Conceptualisation of communications for main events: announcements, conferences, anniversaries and end of year. Surprise and enhance your customer’s loyalty with communications mixing paper-based media with virtual ones.

Don't wait, get in touch with us in order to speak of your needs. We are looking forward to meeting you in your offices.

« Think out of the box »


Target your advertisements to the social networks, through organizing contests, online games and sharing videos! Stand out from others by interacting with your customers.

We offer different solutions:

1. Development of application specifically for social networks or mobile terminals, to give your customers gifts through online games: casino, contests, performance test…

2. Assisting you in the management of your presence in social networks, through the personalization of your pages, management and follow-up of your advertisements.

3. Enhance interactions between existing communication supports, printed or online, and your public on social networks.

Don't wait, get in touch with us in order to speak of your needs. We are looking forward to meeting you in your offices.