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Security: a practical guide for SMEs

TrustValley, under the auspices of the Swiss Confederation, has published a free practical guide to securing your SME. It covers several aspects, Available online and for download via PDF (requires submission of a form and a valid email address), highly recommended reading:

Clicky, an alternative to Google Analytics

This year (2022), Google Analitycs has been declared non-compliant with European laws for the protection of private data. Without mentioning the various lawsuits pending against Google, the non-compliance of Google Analytics with the requirements of the GDPR exposes any website that tracks European visitors or analyzes their data to legal persecution…
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Security: our tools to protect you

Our services are protected by the implementation of tools deployed at several levels: Networks: anti-DDoS & firewall Applications: web application firewall (WAF), anti-ransomware, anti-virus, anti-spam Systems: virtualization, isolation and management Access Information exchange between these tools is automated and reactivity to potential attacks is rapid. However, one of the major security risks comes from ...
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