Clicky, an alternative to Google Analytics

Clicky, an alternative to Google Analytics

This year (2022), Google Analitycs has been declared non-compliant with European laws for the protection of private data. Without mentioning the various lawsuits pending against Google, the non-compliance of Google Analytics with the requirements of the GDPR exposes any website that tracks European visitors or analyzes their data to legal persecution (more details on Matomo – another competitor of Google Analytics).

To respond to this situation, Clicky appears as a perfect competitor to Google Analytics, free and GDPR compliant thanks to a few options enabled by default.

Option present in the Clicky configuration, by default GDPR compliant

Its integration on your site is as simple as for Google Analytics, a simple HTML/JS code to insert in the header of each of your pages.

Meeting on Clicky for more information.


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