Our collaborative cloud storage service

Our collaborative cloud storage service

Our collaborative cloud storage service is included by default with all of our hosting offers. Each email address created within a domain hosted by Oxegena provides access to a shared space of 60 GB.

Our solution is based on Nextcloud, an open source application actively developed since 2016. Nextcloud is composed of:

  • a web interface
  • a client compatible with Windows, MacOs, IOS & Android
  • WebDAV, CardDAV & CalDAV interfaces, allowing its integration into a multitude of applications (like Outlook for example)

Access to the service is secured by a two-factor authentication system and access management by applications connecting to your Nextcloud account.

The web interface offers you:

  • the management of the collaborative storage service
  • online document editing
  • full email with synchronization of contacts and appointments
  • a file transfer and sharing service

Each of the files stored on Nextcloud benefits from many features:

  • automatic anti-malware and anti-virus control
  • replication within 2 hours of your content throughout our cloud
  • versioning of your files, which makes it easy to recover an old version of a file if needed

Interested? feel free to contact us to find out more, or consult our many articles on Nextcloud with guides and explanations to take advantage of it.


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