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Nextcloud: receive files securely

When your contacts wish to send you large files (> 25mo), sending by email is no longer possible. Then use Nextcloud by creating an accessible folder for the upload. In the following scenario, the goal is simply to share a folder where your contacts can upload files of any size. Each uploaded file is scanned by…
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Outlook & Nextcloud synchronization

Synchronize your Outlook client with our Nextcloud platform, in order to share your calendars and address books transparently on all your devices: laptop, mobile & tablets. Outlook does not integrate synchronization with the CardDav & CalDav protocols by default. Thanks to the open source plugin Caldavsynchronizer, adding a Nextcloud account to your Outlook profile…
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Nextcloud: share your files securely

If you want to share several files and avoid the usual limit imposed by mail servers of around 25mb per message, use our Nextcloud solution. It is included in our services and simply works with an email account linked to your domain. In the following scenario, the goal is simply to share a large file of ...
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Get a Grade A for your site's performance

One of the most important metrics to ensure that your visitors will see your content is how well your site performs on the first load. If your site is too slow, many will switch to another site or simply close their navigation tab. GTmetrix offers a free service measuring the speed of your site. He introduces…
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Security: our tools to protect you

Our services are protected by the implementation of tools deployed at several levels: Networks: anti-DDoS & firewall Applications: web application firewall (WAF), anti-ransomware, anti-virus, anti-spam Systems: virtualization, isolation and management Access Information exchange between these tools is automated and reactivity to potential attacks is rapid. However, one of the major security risks comes from ...
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Chrome "Not Secure" website - Install an SSL certificate

From July 2018, Google Chrome will display a “NOT SECURE” status for sites that do not use an SSL certificate (http, and not https). To date, Chrome indicates a neutral status compared to the status of a site without a certificate. Google has been trying since 2015 to push Internet users to secure sites. For example, the ...
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Get the most out of our messaging solution

Whether you use your messaging system in MS Outlook or on your mobile, for your professional or private messages, or whether you wish to take advantage of the solutions offered by our hosting service to manage distribution lists, we invite you to follow this guide in order to to make the most of the services provided by Oxegena. Secure ...
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