Get a Grade A for your site's performance

Get a Grade A for your site's performance

One of the most important metrics to ensure that your visitors will see your content is how well your site performs on the first load. If your site is too slow, many will switch to another site or simply close their navigation tab.

GTmetrix offers a free service measuring the speed of your site. It features a grade, A being the best, as well as a detailed report with various tips for improving performance.

In practice, how do you get a Grade A?

Oxegena offers 2 solutions that work perfectly and are included in all of our hosting offers:

  1. For a standard website, with WordPress for example: Nginx PageSpeed module - once activated, this will cache the majority of your static content, including pages generated on the fly. The lifetime of the cache is configurable, as well as the management of exceptions for pages / requests that must not be cached. In combination with the plugin PageSpeed Module for WordPress, cache management is integrated into your CMS.
  2. For an E-Commerce site: Varnish - an HTTP (S) proxy placed upstream of your site. Oxegena includes a Varnish Gateway with E-Commerce offers. Varnish is directly integrated with Magento 1 & 2, as well as with many other E-Commerce platforms. Its parameters are numerous and allow optimal management of the cache function.

The result is guaranteed! A little too technical? Get in touch with our support team, and we'll configure your site appropriately at no additional cost.


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