Outlook & Nextcloud synchronization

Outlook & Nextcloud synchronization

Synchronize your Outlook client with our Nextcloud platform, in order to share your calendars and address books transparently on all your devices: laptop, mobile & tablets.

Outlook does not integrate synchronization with the CardDav & CalDav protocols by default. Thanks to the open source plugin Caldavsynchronizer, adding a Nextcloud account to your Outlook profile is easy.

Once the plugin is installed, a new menu appears in Outlook and allows you to configure a new Nextcloud account. Use your email settings to configure it correctly and find the direct URLs of your various calendars and / or address books via our Nextcloud platform.

Tested under Outlook 2021 and Windows 10, the synchronization, mono-directional or bi-directional, is transparent, and can be defined periodically and / or at each change.

Configure now if you use Outlook! A little too technical? Do not hesitate to take contact with us, we will be happy to help you with its configuration.


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  1. Finn Christensen says:

    Nice post.
    Which version of CalDavSynchronizer did you use?
    According to they 'only' support up to Outlook 2019.
    best regards

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